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HydraYak Outdoors and Kayak Fishing is dedicated to the rapidly growing sport of Kayak Fishing and Outdoor Adventures. If it involves a rod, reel and a Yak… then we’ll talk about it on HydraYak.com. If you’re new to the exciting sport of kayak fishing, then you’ve come to the right place! HydraYak Kayak Fishing will help you “get your feet wet” and learn about the sport without getting out on the water! If you’re a kayak fishing ninja, lethal with a gaff and bat, then this website is a shrine to your craft! And if you’re here for entertainment… HydraYak.com is loaded with action packed videos/pictures from around the world!

Lets face it, there’s a lot of very different skills that goes into successfully and safely kayak fishing. Depending on the endless variations of kayak fishing, kayak anglers must be knowledgeable when it comes to on-water navigation, tidal flows, water currents, understanding the target species of fish, fishing tackle needed, the type of kayak best suited for the conditions, fishing rod/reel needed, understanding the type of bait needed, how to catch it and keep it alive, understanding and practicing safety measures, knowing how much weight (gear) your kayak can handle, knowing what gear to bring along and what gear to leave at home, what to do in emergency situations and how to preform on-water first aid.

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